Тренинговый центр Формула любви,
Международная Федерация тренеров по Имфитнесу, Сексологов и Секс-Коучей (МФИСС)

В 2008 году создан тренинговый центр Формула Любви, основным направлением которого стало обучение женщин тренировкам интимных мышц.  За годы работы в Формуле Любви прошли обучении более 10 тысяч женщин с Украины  и других стран мира.

Так же Формула Любви является единственным  официальным центром по подготовке тренеров по Имфитнесу (система Вагитон). За 10 лет в Формуле Любви  подготовлено  более 100 тренеров по имфитнесу (система Вагитон) по всему миру: Украины, Германии, Норвегии, России,  Казахстана, Греции, Кипра, Грузии, Великобритании, Дании, Белоруссии, России, Финляндии, Австралии, Канады,США и др. стран.

2013 год  создана

Сертифицированные тренеры по имфитнесу со всего мира объединились  в Международную Федерацию Имфитнеса.

Филиалы и Сертифицированные тренеры по имфитнесу сотрудничают с ведущими специалистами в области гинекологии, сексологии и андрологии.

Снято много передач на ведущих телеканалах  Украины, таких, как Интер, 1+1, Новый канал, СТБ, канал СИТИ, ТЕТ, написано много статей и отзывов в прессе.

Сертифицированные специалисты Международной Федерации Имфитнеса объединены главной целью: “Быть лучшими, передать свои знания у тайны женских премудростей нашим Женщина, сделав их прекрасными и счастливыми Женщинами “.



2018 год
 Федерация расширена и создана новая, в которую вошли психологи, сексологи и профильные врачи  и теперь она называется:

Занятия, семинары и мастер-классы по имфитнесу  проходят в  залах и кабинетах, оборудованных всем необходимым для занятий.

The International Federation imbilding

In 2009, at the Center for the harmonious development of the “Formula of Love” began its work imbilding International School, in which the procedure imbilding (Vagiton system) train women workout intimate muscles. After years of work in the school Anniversary International imbilding trained women from many cities in Ukraine, as well as from Germany, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Cyprus, Georgia, Great Britain, Denmark, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Australia, Canada, USA, etc. countries. Since 2010, the preparation of Certified Instructor and set up branches of the Center, “Formula of Love” in a number of regions of Ukraine and Kazakhstan. In January 2013, the time-based branches and representatives of the “Formula of Love” created the International Federation imbilding. Methods imbilding (Vagiton system) is based on ancient Eastern practices of yoga, Tao, Tantra, Kama Sutra, modern methods of Arnold Kegel, an American professor, urologist, Muranivskogo VD, author of procedure vumbilding and pneumatic simulator, root JA, author of procedure imbilding (Vagiton system), 7 patents on exercise equipment, laser simulator Dashchenko NI, author of a manual on imbilding, director of the center of the harmonious development of the “Formula of Love.” The International Federation imbilding is a recognized leader in the education of women imbilding (Vagiton system) as well as in the training of trainers in imbilding in Ukraine and abroad. It partially eaten the best schools of art of love in the CIS, where a team of Certified trainers with unique simulators and the latest techniques to successfully teach women the secrets of our clients, developing sexuality, sensuality and uniqueness of each woman, while strengthening their health. And it allows every woman to feel and become a true goddess of love. After all, it is important to realize the winged words: “A man is my master and he is the slave of my love”. School of International Federation imbilding collaborate with leading experts in the field of gynecology, andrology and sexology. These professionals appreciate the work of the school, support the simulator technique imbilding (Vagiton system) help to implement it in practice. On schools imbilding International Federation and its instructors filmed a lot of gear in the leading Ukrainian TV channels, such as Inter, 1 +1 channel, the new channel, STB channel CITY, channel TET written many articles and reviews in the press. Methodology and trainers in which learning takes place in the schools of the International Federation imbilding are the best in the CIS. A team of qualified experts of the International Federation imbilding combined main goal: “To be the best, to share their knowledge with our knowledge of women’s mysteries woman, making them true goddesses and priestesses of love”. And all of that is done to achieve this goal, professionally done, with the love of our clients in their work! Classes, workshops and master classes in imbilding are excellent training rooms and offices are equipped with everything you need for training. The techniques and experience of the International Federation imbilding schools available to all women who have not only a dream to be unique, but also believe in the uniqueness and grain by grain of creating it! Welcome to the Center of the harmonious development of the “Formula of Love” (International Federation imbilding)! Up Basics imbilding (vumbilding). So it happened that on a plan of nature fullness of health and intimate and personal life of a woman (and also to a certain extent and men), especially on the state and the ability of the intimate muscles, which include the pelvic floor muscles, the vaginal canal and associated myshtsyі. It’s no secret that for a number of reasons, the majority of women, the pelvic floor muscles, the vaginal canal and ligaments are weakened and can not fully carry out its functions. Nowadays, even engaging in certain types of fitness, from early childhood, women are excluded from use a number of pressures on the pelvic floor muscles due to hard work which the pelvic floor muscles and the vagina should be getting the natural load. And most of the ladies do not have the necessary natural tone of intimate muscles at the time of puberty. In the future, a situation exacerbated by childbirth, abortion, age-related physiological changes, the lack of sufficient sexual activity and culture. The weakness of the pelvic floor muscles, the vaginal canal and associated muscles leads to virtually all women’s gynecological diseases, ranging from stress urinary incontinence, prolapse of the vagina and uterus, inflammation, infertility, cancer processes (endometriosis, fibroids and fibromiomamatki, etc.). And not many of us know that the state of these muscles depends on the correct anatomical location of the uterus and appendages, without which it is almost impossible for a normal pregnancy and birth? Infertility can also be directly related to the weakness of the data of the pelvic floor and vaginal and long-awaited pregnancy rarely occurs after restoring and strengthening. And many of us know that a lack of muscle tone intimate is the source of the vast majority of sexual problems and disappointments that provoke dissatisfaction intimate relationship to the complete absence of orgasm and sex. All of this is incompatible with the notion of happiness and love, and leads to a loss of interest in life and the loss of health, disharmony in the sexual and personal life, an increase in the number of divorces, family disruption. In this string of problems affects not only women but also men as well as children who grow up in substandard homes. And you need only a little bit, do not forget that the purpose of women in this world to love and to give birth and growth of children. After all, the true knowledge of the secrets of Women love passed down from generation to generation with great solicitude and numbered among such women in the category chosen. We just need to remember that this weapon is not the words of women and blame, and the art of love. Imbilding, fitness and exercise technique for the repair and strengthening of intimate muscles using special simulators based on biofeedback (BFB), which will help women to see and evaluate the results of their efforts in real time. This is a rather enhances performance and serves as a great incentive to continue training. Under intimate muscles should be understood not only the vaginal muscles, but all the muscles of the pelvic floor, as well as associated muscles, which are involved in sex and health zhenschiny.Imenno simulator technique imbilding (Vagiton system) will allow any woman to achieve excellence and become the sole and unique about that dream and compose poems and songs. Knowledge and possession imbilding allow any woman to expand the sexual scenario and the possibility of a loved one, cause vaginal volume in the state of the young goddess, learn to produce bright and multiple orgasms become the sole, unique and desirable for a loved one, to master the wonders of eastern priestesses. Catching imbilding Women can also learn management skills orgasm with your loved one, to diversify sex with him due to a larger arsenal of muscle and special techniques, as well as being a “natural” trainer for its potency, erectile dysfunction and male sexual power. In preparation for childbirth, labor and delivery and recovery from imbilding is unmatched and can not be compared with any medical product and equipment. Imbilding will help any woman to ensure the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth, physiologically prepare for painless childbirth, and also to recover after the birth of the natural properties of normal vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. About women’s health, imbilding help improve blood circulation and metabolic processes in the pelvic organs, provide treatment and prevention of many gynecological diseases, to restore the hormonal balance, help get rid of menstrual pain, prolong youth and women’s longevity. Should I now think about the question of whether to engage in imbilding? This is akin to the issue of whether to love yourself and your loved one. The doors of the International Federation of schools imbilding always open a real woman, worthy of divine love!

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